Little force - great effect

Due to high quality materials, strikt quality checks and a coordinated system for all components, Bosch actuation mechanism ensures reliable braking force transmission.

1) Brake Boosters

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Fine Control, Powerful Action

Braking made easy: Bosch brake boosters ensure that drivers only need to apply a minimum of force on braking to obtain the desired braking action. They are made of high quality materials to top quality standards which are subject to stringent checking throughout the entire production process – the perfect basis for safe braking operations.


2) Clutch Hydraulics

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Clutch Hydraulics

Clutch operation and smooth gear changing – the Bosch clutch hydraulic system plays a essential role in ensuring the smooth transmission of force from the pedal to the release bearing to disengage the clutch. Bosch clutch-hydraulic units are perfectly matched to the technical requirements of each type of vehicle. Their top quality is reflected by the use of high quality materials. Only tight production tolerances are accepted. The result: A long service life and excellent reliability.


3) Master Brake Cylinders

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Full Braking Force – Made to Last

Master brake cylinders must be leak proof – and remain that way. The outstanding features of Bosch master brake cylinders are their high-quality and long service life. They are made of cast iron or aluminum. The outstanding quality standard is guaranteed by highly developed production methods and strikt checks, with tight tolerance specifications to ensure ideal functioning and leak proof. Optimized cylinder surfaces minimize cup abrasion and help to maintain the long-term reliability of Bosch master brake cylinders.

Master brake cylinders