S3, S4 and S5 - Range, features and benefits

  • Original Equipment product
  • Superior cold start performance
  • Longer service life
Battery Typical Vehicle Specification Electrical Demands
S5 PowerFrame Calcium-Silver Latest ‘high end’ vehicles and those with large diesel engines
  • • Exceeds OE specification
  • • 30% improved cold starting (over S3)
  • • 85% vehicle coverage
High electrical demand - as below: plus parking sensors, climate control, trip computer, heated front windscreen, DVD player.
S4 PowerFrame Calcium-Silver All modern vehicles, typically from 2000 onwards
  • • OE specification on post 2000 vehicles
  • • 15% improved cold starting (over S3)
  • • 97% vehicle coverage
Medium electrical demand - as below: plus air conditioning, heated seats, immobiliser, cruise control, engine management system.
S3 PowerFrame Older vehicles, typically pre 2000
  • • OE specification on pre-2000 vehicles
  • • Optimal cold starting
  • • 75% vehicle coverage
Low electrical demand - typically: ABS, heated rearscreen, alarm, electricwindows, mirrors and sunroof.

Bosch supply a full range of high performance batteries for the differing needs of modern vehicles.

Battery Features – Why Bosch Batteries stand out


Battery Features – Why Bosch Batteries stand out


Labyrinth Lid

  • Prevents acid vapour leaking
  • Extends battery service life

PowerFrame Grid

  • Provides optimised current paths
  • Higher cranking/starting power
  • Longer battery life
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Comparison: Competitors with expanded grids have a longer current path. Bosch only use this grid on negative plates

Batteries Summary

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  • OE product
  • Longer battery life
  • Superior cold starting performance