Kit Super Pro - Overview, features and benefits

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  • Complete brake shoe axle set with adjusters, wheel cylinders and fitting acessories for the repair of drum brakes
  • Ready to be installed on the vehicle
  • Saves up to 50% of the time required for installation

Drum brake kits – quick and easy

With the Kit Super Pro, all the parts that are designed to work with each other can be ordered using a single item number, which means easy ordering and quick repairs

Bosch offer a complete programme of braking components for passenger vehicles.

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The technology behind the disc


Where required – necessary to dissipate heat.

2-Anti-corrosion plating

No cleaning required before installation and enhanced aesthetic appearance with long-lasting protection.

3-Application specific casting

Widest range of high carbon and alloy materials to match OE specifications, ensuring correct level of heat dissipation and preventing disc deformation.

4-Heat groove

Acts as a thermal barrier reducing the heat transfer to the hub.

5- Precise surface finisch

Enables shorter bedding in period and eliminates noise and vibration problems.


Each vented disc is balanced for perfect operation.


Competitor comparison – Brake disc casting quality

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Competitor brake disc: graphite lumps

  • Inconsistent heat flow
  • Cracking problems
  • Distortion under high temperature
  • Juddering, vibration, poor durability

Bosch brake disc: laminated graphite

  • Homogeneous heat flow
  • High-temperature resistance

Brake Discs Summary

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  • High quality surface finish to reduce bedding in period and noise
  • All vented discs are balanced at factory to ensure they run correctly on the vehicle
  • Anti corrosion plating on many discs – improved appearance of alloy wheels and saves cleaning time for technician
  • Casting and manufacturing tolerances to OE standards