Proper Brake-Pressure Application

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Bosch transfer mechanism’s surpass all standards and guarantee maximum safety combined with consistent transmission action

1) Brake Cables

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Additional Safety

Effective and reliable: Bosch brake cables reliably transmit the force of the handbrake to the rear wheel brakes. Bosch can supply the right brake cable for virtually every type of vehicle.


2) Brake Hoses

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Flexible Safety without Exceptions

A reliable connection: Bosch brake hoses form the flexible connection between brake lines and wheel brakes to ensure that the hydraulic pressure is ideally transmitted to the wheel brake cylinders and brake calipers. Bosch brake hoses are made of multi-layered plastic/rubber material with fabric inlay. The diameter and connection method vary depending on the application. The outstanding quality of Bosch brake hoses is worthwhile not least in terms of stable braking action.